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Lysefjorden Inn 2020 06.06

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Lysefjorden is a Norwegian fjord located in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county and is 42km long. Lysefjorden Inn Ultramarathon follows the routes to Stavanger Tourist Association and is 62km and has a total of 2500m elevation. The race is scheduled for the eighth time, June 6th 2020 and is Rogalands hardest ultramarathon.  The race is a distant race where the fastest person who run all the 62km wins.The race places great demands for the participants, but is an experience you rarely get in one sports competition. The terrain is airy and spectacular. On the actual marathon day, the quiet nature exchanges with chering, a contrast that often gives an adrenaline kick, but you will still have enough time to be alone with the mountain and the fjord. The course changes from running down to the fjord, to them highest mountain into the fjord. The runners will see Norway?s most popular mountain - Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). On the other side of the fjord you will see Flørlitrappene, which has the world?s longest wooden staircase in 4444 steps. Further in along the square you will look over to Kjerag with its characteristic ?Kjeragbolt?. The race passes unique places like Hengjanenibbå (miniature of Pulpit Rock) and abandoned farms like Bratteli and Bakken that cling to the mountain side. Before reaching the finish line, the race will pass a big water magazine. Many set goals for race distances from a few km to many miles. The desire to set a tough goal comes creeping, running it has effect on you. Endorphins will make you want to run longer and faster. To stretch boundaries and constantly improve and stay faster is an incredible kick. Much sitsin the head, never give up - miles get to smile. The easiest sport is to run, it can also combine with an active everyday life. You can do it anywhere, at any time, it?s free and the risk of damage is relatively small. Many add plans and new goals - The Lysefjorden Inn opens for registration on 24thOctober 2018 Lysefjord Running is the organizer of the race and aims to carry out this every year. The race is of great interest, something we as an organizer appreciate. We are impressed and will thank all the runners who set up and perform this of strength. A big thank you to the team who sets up from early till late in the evening - they are doing a fantastic job. Thank you also to our partners and sponsors that make it possible to arrange All information about the race is available in our running manual. By signing up, you must acknowledge that this has been read and understood the race manual: racemanual